Friday, June 5, 2009

Leighton centre

During a recent trip to Leighton Center, I took this photo. I thought it would make a great painting. Leighton Center was once home to Alberta artist A.C Leighton and his wife Barbara.It was bequeathed to cultivate an appreciation of art through it's assets. The art center with breathtaking views has become a well known gallery/museum showcasing a variety of exhibitions for Alberta artists. You can find more info at
This photo was taken during the 'clothesline' event in which about 70 artists hung small artwork ( encased in plastic)clothes lines for sale. The event had chuck wagon rides, food and beverages with many artists painting on the grounds.I have also included my preliminary painting which will take me more than a day to finish.I still haven't decided how textural I want to get.More tomorrow

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