Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bear Love

Time for some bears...been awhile since I painted these fellows. Technique is a little different from my landscape paintings. First I do a detailed drawing on a white canvas. I then use palette knives to apply thick heavy clear gel ( I'm basically sculpting the fur). I let that completely dry and then tone the canvas with red iron oxide and wipe off the excess. ( so that the drawing still shows through). I'm now ready to paint using brushes! I start with the detailed eyes ( so I don't lose them when I paint all the darks with a large brush). I paint my darkest darks and work lighter in layers eventually using a very soft dry brush to bring out the textures.

'Bear Alert', acrylic 24 x 30 and 'Blue Beary' 36 x 24

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winters Glimmer

'Winters Glimmer', acrylic 24 x 36

While flipping through all my references, trying to decide what to paint for the Stampede Art Auction, I came across my Griffith Woods photos and suddenly had the urge to revisit a previous study based on these. It's not exactly a 'western' theme, but I wasn't about to let my sudden urge go unanswered. I find it important to paint what you desire, what sparks your interest or inspires you at that moment. The passion, freshness and spontaneity comes through in the painting. Stampede Art Auction will have to wait...I still have a few weeks.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Highway Magic

Nothing like a cold to slow you down. In between coughing and sneezing, I managed to complete a painting...only took me 4 days. 'Highway Magic', acrylic 30 x 40 inches*UPDATE I don't like the sunlit snow and clump of trees hitting smack dab in the middle. To fix this I am going to stretch the canvas to 30 x 30 inches*

I'm showing my reference photos, the original and one I enhanced and cropped. It was a dreary day and I liked the atmosphere and mood but it needed some punch and more light.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What a Mess And Empty Tubes

I don't just use palette knives, but you'd think I only use brushes by looking at my messy work area. I just can't/ won't take the time to clean my brush after every use...I just grab a new one. Just like in my kitchen, as I whiz around I grab clean utensils instead of finding the one I just used. I don't worry about saving paint and I use a paper palette because it's efficient, ( although probably not the most economical ), I can just tear it off and throw it away. Sometimes I have three paper palettes going at the same time on different tables.Same with my rags and towels, they end up everywhere. The reason being is, I don't like to interrupt my rhythm, especially if I'm in the zone. When I take a break, I'll clean up the rags and organize my paint tubes again. I don't fully clean or wash my brushes until the painting it done, when I get it all nice and clean to begin my next painting. You really wouldn't want to see my walls or floors...I'm a very messy person.

Now what to do with all my empty paint tubes? This is probably a year and a half's worth. Would anybody like to have them? Maybe for a school project or some sort of sculpture. They definitely need to be recycled and not just thrown away. I should get rid of some of my brushes as well...turning into a little hoarder, lol.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Commission Finished

The client wanted three 18 x 18 based on three painting I had previously done. I know I said no more commissions until the new year, but I think these came together quite nicely.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Red It Is

As an artist, fear is my worse I had to go for it. Red it is. I think I like it better. Just a few refinements, live with it for awhile and then I'm done. I do need to photograph it better though.

Should I Make My Bushes Red

I've struggled today with my decision making, and in doing so have changed my colors several times. Cool or warm, cool or warm. I'm at a point now where I'm so tempted to change all my bushes to red. Sooooo tempted.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Middle Stage WIP

Working more on my diptych this afternoon. Finished the back rocks and falls ( will still need some detail later...maybe), Changed the sky color. Added the middle ground trees and foliage ( need to let it dry so I can add more and refine.

Beginning Stages

I am starting a large diptych. 5ft x 5ft total. Referenced from one of my favorite falls, Tangle. ( top view ). These beginning stages are fast and furious.

image 1)
 I don't always tape out my paintings, but for this large size, I wanted a fairly accurate  but simple drawing.

image 2 &3
I premixed some greyish colors for my rocks in the back. I mixed them with a little heavy gel to extend, add texture and prolong the drying time.

image 3&4
Time for my large palette knife...or so I thought. I guess I got so excited about painting this big boy I forgot a couple of things. First I forgot to remove the tape. I also forgot to tone my canvas. I really don't like painting on white and always end up going back and covering all my white holes. No problem, the foreground is where I wanted it most anyway.

image 5 &6

I toned the bottom of my canvas with  transparent red iron oxide and varied it with phthalo blue . I also roughed in some mid ground rocks, the top trees and sky ( all of which will probably change as I go on). At this point I have been working for about 2 hours. I like to have the canvas covered before I hone in on any details.

I will wait for the paint to dry, finish the background, add some large trees and bushes and start on the foreground. This stage I will work a little slower. stay tuned.