Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What a Mess And Empty Tubes

I don't just use palette knives, but you'd think I only use brushes by looking at my messy work area. I just can't/ won't take the time to clean my brush after every use...I just grab a new one. Just like in my kitchen, as I whiz around I grab clean utensils instead of finding the one I just used. I don't worry about saving paint and I use a paper palette because it's efficient, ( although probably not the most economical ), I can just tear it off and throw it away. Sometimes I have three paper palettes going at the same time on different tables.Same with my rags and towels, they end up everywhere. The reason being is, I don't like to interrupt my rhythm, especially if I'm in the zone. When I take a break, I'll clean up the rags and organize my paint tubes again. I don't fully clean or wash my brushes until the painting it done, when I get it all nice and clean to begin my next painting. You really wouldn't want to see my walls or floors...I'm a very messy person.

Now what to do with all my empty paint tubes? This is probably a year and a half's worth. Would anybody like to have them? Maybe for a school project or some sort of sculpture. They definitely need to be recycled and not just thrown away. I should get rid of some of my brushes as well...turning into a little hoarder, lol.


Verna Vogel said...

I like this post a lot!

I'll bet your studio walls and floor are beautiful too, covered with paint splatters of every size, shape and colour!

Moniqke de Moraes said...

I liked this post too. You work hard, we can see.