Monday, December 2, 2013

Beginning Stages

I am starting a large diptych. 5ft x 5ft total. Referenced from one of my favorite falls, Tangle. ( top view ). These beginning stages are fast and furious.

image 1)
 I don't always tape out my paintings, but for this large size, I wanted a fairly accurate  but simple drawing.

image 2 &3
I premixed some greyish colors for my rocks in the back. I mixed them with a little heavy gel to extend, add texture and prolong the drying time.

image 3&4
Time for my large palette knife...or so I thought. I guess I got so excited about painting this big boy I forgot a couple of things. First I forgot to remove the tape. I also forgot to tone my canvas. I really don't like painting on white and always end up going back and covering all my white holes. No problem, the foreground is where I wanted it most anyway.

image 5 &6

I toned the bottom of my canvas with  transparent red iron oxide and varied it with phthalo blue . I also roughed in some mid ground rocks, the top trees and sky ( all of which will probably change as I go on). At this point I have been working for about 2 hours. I like to have the canvas covered before I hone in on any details.

I will wait for the paint to dry, finish the background, add some large trees and bushes and start on the foreground. This stage I will work a little slower. stay tuned.

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