Friday, July 30, 2010

Rawson Vista

                                                                     acrylic 2 feet x 4feet

Finally back painting again.It feels good.

I was in a little slump and I think it was because I was getting a little overwhelmed with outside influences and concerned  about the direction my art was going.( and wanting to do and try everything). After a great lunch with an artist I totally respect and look up to, I feel much better about myself. I have realized two things 1) just paint...anything 2) if it's not broke don't fix it

I've just begun to market myself and make my mark...any drastic change could damage what I've worked hard to achieve. Self doubt is normal and it will pass if you don't let consume you.

My new found enthusiasm for my painting unfortunately will be short lived as I'm about to start my travelling holidays but I will stay positive and paint when I can. I am passionate again :)


Cynthia said...

wow the massive size of this piece is unreal...I bet it looks great in real life. Have fun on your holidays............

Mary said...

The size and scope of this must really be something to see in person. Beautiful painting!

Judy Mackey said...

Your paintings are gorgeous! I love the two things you've learned - Just Paint and don't fix what ain't broke...sometimes easier said than done but the simplicity - I often find myself in a painters slump - probably from trying to go into too many directions - but getting to the basic of just picking up the canvas/brush/palette knife...and painting - hard sometimes to do but very helpful