Saturday, March 12, 2011

Canmore's Creek

Acrylic, 24 x36
This is Policeman's Creek in Canmore . Had a lot of challenges with this one and I'm not sure I've resolved all the issues( the mountain top is too close to the canvas edge, for one). The photo I used was lovely but I had some composition problems. I didn't want to deal with the pointed mountain or the I moved the trees closer and lowered the horizon line away from the centre. The photo was very dark and the trees were the same value as the lower part of the mountain. I loved the colors in the mountain. Photo credit goes to Davin Martinson  his work   ...thanks for the permission Davin!


Karen Werner said...

Beautiful, Linda! You captured the light better than the photo. Makes me want to be there.

Kathryn Manry said...

A challenging composition - nice work! That's (l-r) Ship's Prow, Mt Lawrence Grassi and Chinamen's Peak (oooppps - I mean Ha Link Peak)