Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tangle Falls Study

acrylic 12 x12 inches
This is a small study I did of Tangle Falls. I've started a large 4ft x6 ft version of this...not sure when I'll get it done though. I didn't realize how dependant I am on my computer...which crashed 5 days ago. I have a brand new one with a different operating  and email system. I have to learn all over again. I'm trying to edit, send, crop, resize, etc, the photo's of my paintings. It is sooo different and at the moment, is very frustrating as I try to adjust the images to look like the painting.


Anonymous said...

From my vantage point it looks beautiful. Hang in there as you learn your new computer!


Technology is such a stumbling block and looks like the future. Regardless of the difficulty, love your progress here Linda and can't wait to see the larger version.