Friday, July 1, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

acrylic 11 x14
I felt like doing something completely different for Canada Day. I wanted to try my new 'interactive' paints in my studio. ( I bought them for plein air painting as they stay wet longer and come back to life after to spray with water). I haven't done any figurative work in a while and needed a break from my landscape to do a little experimenting and playing. It's a little tight and my anatomy is probably way off but I do like a lot of aspects to this little painting. Gotta love red hair!


Mary Hysong said...

She is gorgeous! Love the way the light plays off her hair and how she's looking back over her shoulder. and I don't see a thing I would change about her.

Ruth Andre said...

You have captured the light beautifully with this figurative piece. Love that you decided to paint something different too. Lovely.