Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Companion

acrylic 20 x 16

I haven't painted a street/urban scene in well over two years! It was extremely difficult for me to start this painting. A friend of mine bought one of my paintings a long time ago and asked for a 'companion' piece to go with it. At the time, I was doing landscapes and was just starting my relationship with Mountain Galleries, so I kept putting it off. Months went by, and he gently reminded me about his 'companion'. I still put it off, as I was so busy and not painting like that anymore. I promised him I would do it in the summer, then the fall, before Christmas and then the new year. Poor guy, lol.

 It got to the point I was afraid to paint it as I wasn't sure how much my style had changed. I have worked hard trying to loosen up and didn't want to go back and be so tight. But I actually had fun painting's a lot warmer than the first painting and I like that.  I really hope he likes it...'cause it may be a long time before I do another.

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THallman said...

I absolutely LOVE it...Linda created a totally different painting...I wasn't expecting that and I'm most pleasantly surprised. Awesome, simply awesome.