Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winters Gift

acrylic 12 x12 inches
I wish I could say this just fell off my paintbrush it was so easy! As small as it is, it took me longer to paint this as it does for a 36x bad I couldn't charge the same price . I'm not sure I'll ever figure out why. Is it being in the 'zone'?


Kim Rempel said...

I think there's something to that "zone" thing : ) But you persevered and it's marvellous.

ashok said...

Linda your work is absolutely beautiful with the the perfect balance of color that evoke happiness in the viewer in most of the pictures in this blog. Your images would make beautiful posters in a larger size because I think that a work of this quality needs to be displayed o larger canvases for a wall of a graceful room.