Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commission done


I have finished my commission.First attempt was rejected...even after numerous adjustments. It became a job and one I didn't want to do. After about a month I thought I'd give it another try and not think of it as a commission and paint it the way I wanted. That worked out much better, and It doesn't matter if the client doesn't like it...I do.

This week I have painted two paintings based on previous paintings I had done. Again it's not something I like to do but I can see the value in it. I found it hard to do. As a intuitive painter,I don't spend a lot of time thinking and my mark making tends to be very spontaneous so trying to recapture that feeling as well as exact marks is next to impossible. Simply put...I don't remember how I did it. So this process made me think and analyze. I can see why many artist demos are done this way.


Rch Williams said...

1115Thats the trouble with commissions and a reason to always get 1/2 down before starting. Doing a second one is a good choice as you still have the original one to sell. Just a long way around to success.

vogel said...

I've done only 3 commissions in my life, and hated every one of them! Somehow can't seem to get past that tied-up feeling of "painting for someone else". Kudos to you for finding a way with this one. Your images look really great!