Saturday, March 2, 2013

Victoria Falls Wip

Yesterday before I decided to take advantage of our gorgeous weather and head to Griffith Woods FaceBook Photos ,I worked on my large painting of Victoria Falls. I'm about halfway through. I've photographed my progress below. Total time so far is about 2 1/2 hours.

I started with a taped diagonal grid ( no measuring needed),I usually only do this for large canvases.

  I then mixed up several dark colors with gel, and applied with a large palette knife.

I do the background mountains and sky with a little more detail but will go back to it at the end.

I brush on some lines to have an idea where my water is going.


I loosely work on the middle and foreground,still using the palette knife. I like to have all the canvas covered first and fast. I don't worry too much about color.Now the fun begins with more detail,dry brushing and glazing.

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Terry Krysak said...

Beautiful, great to see the WIP, gives us more understanding on your methods, thanks!!!