Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jazz Clip

I finished a painting I started at the Brian Atyeo workshop. This is acrylic,15 x 30 inches and untitled at the moment.

I also did another clip of Brian's Jazz demo with Louis Armstrong singing 'What a wonderful world'...I didn't want to waste his beautiful song so I filled the rest with some pictures of our group dinner and various other shots I took around the area.

It was a wonderful week and chalk full of information and energy. Brian is a wonderful teacher has a great ability to know exactly what each individual needs. Each day he did a morning demo and although I tried a few of his techniques, I decided it best for me to paint the way I paint. Even though I was frustrated at times, I'm glad he pushed me. I came away a better painter...in my opinion.

I hope you enjoy this little clip

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