Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sea To Sky

We had a fabulous time in Vancouver/Whistler! I was to do a painting demo for Mountain Galleries in Whistler during their Sunday market, so my husband and I decided to make it a mini holiday. We spent a night in Vancouver and took the Rocky Mountaineer in the morning to Whistler. The views were spectacular ( facebook Pictures ). My friend Doria showed me a few Whistler lakes and some favorite bear sighting spots ( to no avail). I took the gondola up Whistler mountain and then the express to the peak. Truly magnificent. The next morning during the market I managed to do three demo paintings from my experience on top the mountain, while it was fresh in my mind. We had a fabulous meal and were off the next day for a wonderfully relaxing train ride back. The sights again were awe inspiring and I created many paintings in my head as my mind wandered, and absorbed the experience. I was truly spoiled and loving every minute of it.

I also found out my painting 'Where Magic Happens' won the 'Outstanding Acrylic' award for June, in the Bold Brush painting contest. Boldbrush winners

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