Monday, December 15, 2014

Stampede Art Auction

Acrylic 24 x 30.
  Now that I'm feeling better and my Christmas shopping/painting done, I will spend these next two weeks thinking about Stampede. Yep, it's not until July, but entries have to in early. I enjoy participating in the Art Auction but have a hard time deciding what to paint. I will most likely paint 3or 4 , choose one and send the others to the gallery. Last year a close up mountain scene was chosen. Previous years have seen, Elbow Falls, Lake Louise, Tangle Falls and Sunwapta Falls. But there is no guarantee whatever I submit will be accepted. I have been very lucky and feel privileged to have had one or two chosen each year I have applied, considering they receive hundreds of entrants. And last year I was very grateful and honored to have received the 'Artist Choice' award for my entry.

My waterfalls seem quite popular , so the last couple of days I've been working on a couple Athabasca Falls. But I won't decide what to submit until the last minute.
I have painted many versions of this, some very colorful and others more muted, some cool, others warm. This one, although still using vibrant color, I also incorporated variations of greys.  Also below is a small study loosely based on Elbow Falls 16 x 16.

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