Friday, November 13, 2015


Waterfalls are probably my most favorite subject to paint. I have painted so many that I really don't need any photo references. And when I do use a reference, unless I really need it to look like an iconic scene, I deviate a lot. There are just so many abstract and compositional possibilities. So much freedom and creative play which makes the whole process so much more satisfying!

 Many times, I will have a lot of left over paint on my palette which I  grab with my palette knife and slather on a blank  canvas. Most of the time this paint will have a lot of gel in it, so I will have a canvas already primed with texture. This was the case with these two paintings. A lot of gel, palette knife, glazes and more detailed brushwork towards the end.

 The amount of glazes and veils I used, made photographing these paintings very just can't see the delicate intricacies ,subtle color changes and vibrancy.

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Sherry Telle said...

There is no question these look better in person. They glow with colour and dance with vibrancy! Your paintings have so much life they are breathtaking. I too am partial to your waterfall paintings.