Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Iconic Mountains and Childhood Memories

acrylic 48 x 24 inches 'My Climb'

I've been working on some iconic mountain scenes, another of my favorite subjects. I just can't get enough of their majestic beauty and I could look at them all day with their changing light and moods.

I remember as a small child, making the trip several times through the mountains in our station wagon with five kids, a dog and two cats. I would lay in the back gazing up at the mountains searching and daydreaming. They were mine, and  I could actually feel them. I could feel the rain, the sun and the mist. I could see all the animals roaming the rocks, forests and cliffs, I could see cabins, paths and waterfalls.  A whole different world and it all belonged to me. Magic. And then I grew up.

But now, my paintings bring back these memories and feelings.
Here is a sneak peek. This one is called 'My Climb'.
The title is reminiscent my journey from childhood to now and all the uphill battles along the way...and yes I can see my world again. My mountain with all the sights, sounds, and moods, all my animals and waterfalls in all the nooks and crannies through all the mist and rays of sunlight.

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