Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mountain Stream

acrylic 2ft x3ft

I've been working and reworking this for 2 days now...it's also larger than a daily painting. I started with a photo but ended up discarding it as I totally strayed. The colors are different the composition is different...the whole mood is different. But that's good . I don't want to become dependent on photos for my art. I'll probably still rework this one but I need to observe it for a few days.

My stampede collection all sold but one and my art auction piece sold for twice the amount listed! Im so pleased. I will try for a booth ( selling about 30+ paintings) next year, so I must paint more large textural landscapes and some impressionistic western wildlife as well. I have until January to submit 8 images for jury. I must start now so I can choose the best of them.

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