Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lleighton Centre, Mentors Day

It was a beautiful day, abeit a tad windy. Mentors day, at Leighton Centre was a great way to spend the day and get inspired. It was my first viewing of the members show, and I also took hundreds of pictures, most of which I am still sorting through. The shapes from the melting snow intriged me most,and I must have produced a dozen paintings in my head.I also like watching fellow artists paint, and can always pick up a tid bit or two.

I think this was the first of  the many paintings Elenore Lowden Pidgen painted ( she was the most prolific artist of the day)

Karin Richter was giving a demo using pastels

David Veres was showing how he creats his wondefull textures

Sharon Lynn Williams was brave enough to venture out in the wind to do some plein air painting

Marianne Hunt also painted some plein watercolors, she was a little closer to home.

Ken Bourassa shared a few laughs while demonstrating his encaustic ( wax) techniques

I guess, when I wasn't taking pictures, I spent most of my time watching Brent Laycock painting with acrylics.

We all took a break and shared a wonderfull luch that the Leighton Center Staff prepared.
I will post some more pictures tomorrow

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Sharon said...

Hey Linda: Can you please email me a larger photo of me painting on the ridge? Thanks sweetie!