Friday, May 28, 2010

Wooded Mystery

acrylic, 16 x16
It's been awhile since I've painted. I needed an extended long weekend on Vancouver Island. ( someday I will do a series of boats and harbors and the coast). I've also spent a few days preparing my work for the Clothesline sale at Leighton center and figuring out which paintings to submit to the FCA show in July. Anyway, this painting didn't quite develope the way I envisoned ( I even swore at it a few times during the ugly stages), but I do like the end result...with a few touch ups left to do.


Pat Burns said...

Perfectly named and it has a feeling that I really like.

Kristin said...

I came across your work recently (via the Palette Knife Painters blog) - it's stunning!

This landscape in particular struck me - I *love love love* it. I keep coming back to look at it. :)