Thursday, June 10, 2010

New painting begining

I started with a 36x36 canvas and covered it with liquid red iron oxide and yellow. I quickly did a simple rough line drawing....and then I couldn't see it, lol. So I very quickly took a brush and did an even quicker sketch. I mixed a few colors with a little gel to thicken and extend my paint and brought out my large palette knife. I'm not really caring too much if I get the colors right I just want to cover my mountain.
Still using the palette knife I quickly block in my painting starting from dark to light...sometimes going back again to darks trying to vary my strokes and colors.  A little blending but not too much, I'm still not concerned about my colors. Now I have put in my lightest light, the sunlit snow.

Now I have put in my darkest dark. I take a break. Believe it or not, I have to wait for my acrylic paint to dry, lol. I will go back to my mountains and start to lighten and blend using a dry brush and try to bring out some subtle texture while trying to make my mountains recede. At This point everything has taken me about 2 hours.

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