Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Hill Springs, Plein Air

      It was a gorgeous day for plein air painting. There were waterfalls galore and the weather was paintings were not. I attempted three paintings, all of the same waterfall and all from the same spot. One I did with  colored gel added with a palette knife and a brush after it dried (above) 16x16, one with a palette knife, no gel and a bit of dry brushing and one with a brush only. I wasn't happy with any of the results so I worked on them in my studio. So I guess they can't be classified as 'Plein -air'. I'm much happier with them now. I love the abstract qualities of this one and the subdued color. Please click on the image to see the larger view.

        I found it interesting how much I analyze and think and so aware of my surroundings while experiencing the elements and how frustrating and lost I felt at times. In my studio I have no distractions and I tend not to think too much and just let the painting go rhyme or reason...I just have to like it. In my studio I do all my thinking, sketches, and visualizing long before I start my painting. With Plein Air I can't..or don't . I'm sure it will come easier with practice and I do love being outside!

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