Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Won A Painting!

'First Snow' ( 16 x10 ) is a painting by Richard Robinson of  New  Zealand...which I'm thrilled to say is now mine! I first discovered Richard while looking through fellow artist Jerry Markham lists of links. I signed up for his newsletter and small video demos. He was starting a unique online workshop which I signed up for along with over 130 others.. He would submit a photo for us to paint with complete artistic licence . We would upload photos of our paintings he would pick some to critique. We all could make comments and vote for our favorites. He would then do a demo and video himself. He would choose his favorite to receive the painting and the popular vote would receive three of his DVDs. Well, I'm so happy I won the popular vote and the painting!! My version of this scene pales in comparison ( my version and the original photo ). I will certainly treasure this gem. You can see Richards work here Richard Robinson.

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Susan Roux said...

I just went to your link. I think your version is very powerful. I wouldn't say it pales in comparison. I liked it very much. But congrats! It's so exciting!