Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parkway Highway View

acrylic 36 x 48,

This was one of the fabulous views from the Icefield Parkway Highway on the way to Jasper. This can be a treacherous part of the highway for avalanches, and with no shoulders, there is no stopping. I was fortunate to be caught in 'road painting' so the traffic was at many times at a stand still while creeping up the mountain. I was able to roll down the windows and snap a few pictures.

I was in a dilemma while trying to decide to include the road in the painting or crop it out. I decided to keep it in as it helped to keep the viewer from moving out of the painting by pointing inward.

 I have also included my process. I started with a  simple line drawing but realized I had not toned my canvas. I painted over the pencil marks ( I am not too worried about accuracy as much of this will be painted over and lost anyway).I loosely cover the canvas with transparent paint. I paint the sky without being too concerned as I will go over it later. I mix with gel, some colors for my mountains. From this point on most of the paint is applied with a palette knife. When the mountains are dry I work on the sky and dry brush the mountains to set them back. I now have my lightest light and will paint the darkest dark of the trees.I mix more color with gel for my rocks and roughly apply the paint. When it's dry ( it can take hours) I add my details and dry brushing to bring out the textures.

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