Thursday, November 22, 2012


I painted 2 waterfalls this week. The first was of Sunwapta Falls and the second an unnamed falls ( I used several references). I wanted to play with predominantly cools and warms.

Sunwapta Falls has always been a favorite of mine to paint and I have painted several. Most have been a square format...'Sunwapta Blues' is 24 x 36 with a cool dominance.

'Cascading Dream' was a delight to paint!( predominantly warm painting) I approached the canvas very loosely with a large brush  and rag. I covered the canvas with tons of transparent colors and loosely drew in my shapes. I proceeded with large brushes,building up layers of color. I didn't pick up my palette knife until towards the end of the painting.  It only took 2 hours! I wanted to paint more but I liked what was happening and didn't want to over work it was hard to stop. Unfortunately it didn't photograph very well...much better seeing it for real.

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