Thursday, January 17, 2013

FCA Calgary Demo

both acrylic 16 x 24 inches,

I was asked to do a demo for the Calgary Branch of the Federation Of Canadian Artists at our last meeting. It was a great exercise, to help handle my nerves and gain more experience at doing this sort of thing. Only having an hour, and with my style of painting, it was impossible to complete one...but I did start two.As an intuitive and spontaneous painter,it was difficult for me to get 'in the zone' while having 30 people watch and ask questions.And even though I was not happy with the results, it was an exhilarating challenge and I think my method and painting process was evident. I worked another 4 hours in my studio to complete the two paintings..

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Susan Roux said...

Ah yes. I like them without the foreground foliage. Very nice and full of energy. A one hour demo? Yeah that's a challenge. Great job!