Thursday, January 10, 2013

Parente's Chase Creek Falls

Parente's Chase Creek Falls
acrylic 18 x 24 inches

Sometimes you come across a photo that's not your own but it really moves or 'speaks' to you. Such was the case when I first saw the photo of Chase Creek Falls by Fred Parente. I really wanted to paint it and he was kind enough to respond to me quickly.  So thank-you Fred Parente. Now you know the reason for my title. His Blog  Fred Parente

I see a few minor changes I need to make though.

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PYisLove said...

Hi Linda W.;
I really love the painting you did of Chase Creek Falls. Just happened to find it on one of my net searches.

Let me say that you have captured the spiritual aura of that location which I have felt on my many visits there.
It is beautiful to see an image, subtly transmitted via your consciousness, one that was not merely made by a machine (camera).

Sincerely, Fred Parente(PYislove)