Saturday, April 13, 2013


I thought I'd add some snow....first thing I thought of when I looked outside and this nice snowy spring day.

'Lessons',acrylic 8 x 16 inches. 
My winter trip to Whistler last year was incredible. We had never been,and we don't ski,but my gallery is there so we had to visit. it was a beautiful weekend,full of sunshine and warm weather. it was quite the dichotomy watching the skiers while having lunch outside with a few passersby in shorts. We did the Sky to Sky and must have looked quite out of place but no one paid us any attention. I took hundreds of photos with the intention of doing some 'ski paintings'. I thought I'd share a couple. My husband is the one who is definitely out of place in the photo below.

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Layne Cook said...

Love this painting! And I appreciate you posting the resource photos along with your comments. It's always interesting to learn where artists "see a painting".