Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Beginnings

 It feels like it's been forever since I've been in my studio. This cold really knocked me down...but I'm happy to say, I'm almost 100% and ready to tackle my studio. I really have to think about my entries to Stampede, since I only have a few days left. Last year I submitted a couple of waterfalls, so this year I'm thinking about my mountains and/or streams...with a bear thrown in.

I started a mountain scene and abandoned it, as I felt I was getting too tight and instead of plugging away and finishing it...I wanted to start a fresh one and try to become looser. ( I'm realizing that I'm tighter when I haven't painted for awhile ). My second one is more successful and I'm happy with it. acrylic 30 x 30. I have included my unfinished one below.

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Verna Vogel said...

Hi Linda,

They are both quite appealing to me, finished or otherwise - although the top one is indeed looser.

Funny that you mention getting tighter when you haven't painted in awhile - for myself I often find that I am looser after taking a substantial break, like everything is new again and without restraints.

Glad you're feeling better and back into your studio!