Friday, January 24, 2014

Productive at The Banff Springs

Normally I'm a fast painter, but this artist in residency is intense. The beginning of the week has been a slow period for the Banff Springs Hotel allowing me some serious and continuous painting time. I don't have time to ponder and be distracted with my usual day to day stuff in my studio. I feel I'm more concentrated even while talking and and answering questions from the public.

I have been treated like the queen of the castle. They put me a huge suit, private bedroom and a balcony! I'm able to enjoy the delicious food from any of the  restaurants  and free access to the spa as we'll! I'm not too spoiled.

My first day of painting, a couple from Montreal, loved the painting I was working on and bought it
before I had even finished it! They were leaving that day and couldn't stay to see it finished. It made me a little nervous completing it, so I didn't do too much more to it. This is the painting:

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