Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tar Gel Texture

'Wooded Blaze' and 'Winter Sparkle'.

Tar Gel is a medium I've been experimenting a bit with lately. These two 12 x 24's have texture applied with this gel. I dip it in the container with a palette knife and let it drip onto the canvas. My knife is about 6 inches from the canvas and I can somewhat control the length and thickness of the lines; but for the most part it a surprise. It's clear, and once it's dry I apply paint and then wipe it off to reveal the lines. You can see more of it in 'Wooded Blaze' (I've download a slighter larger image so you can click on it to see the texture better), whereas 'Winter Sparkle' is more subtle'.

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TAMI HORT said...

Very Complicated, wonderful artworks Linda!