Thursday, September 25, 2014

Commission Piece

This is a 36 x 60 commissioned piece based on my Painting 'Serendipity', 24 x 30. I though this was going to be a huge challenge, not just because of the orientation and size difference, but that 'Serendipity' was painted over another painting and had tons of layers, texture and glazes. I didn't remember how I did any of it, as it was a very intuitive painting that went through a lot of changes and had no reference. I thought the best way was to very quickly dive right in, lay down as much texture and paint as I could, cover the canvas and not think of it as a commission. I waited for layers to dry and added more...repeating this process over and over. I added the trees last and then did the negative painting to complete the piece. What the Client was most drawn to were the golds and greys as well as the Group Of Seven 'feel'. I think I accomplished that...hope they like it!
Original painting:

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