Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Passing Storm

acrylic 24 x 12
In keeping with my 'sky' paintings, here is a study referenced from a photo I took a week or so ago. Love Alberta sky's after a storm. I live close to the foothills near 22 x, and rushed out to grab some shots. I was a little late but did manage to snag a few.

Since Kay was so generous in allowing artists to paint her photo, I thought I'd do the same. I will attach the original  enhanced photo and if any artist would like to paint it please feel free. I'm not sure how this will work, but I think you can upload your images to my Facebook page which this post is linked to.


Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Cool photo, and nice job with the painting!

Anonymous said...

We are the happy owner of this beautiful painting. Fell in love with it while visiting Whistler on Thanksgiving . The color of the sky with the contrast of the golden field is pretty realistic.Just the piece we were looking for . Thank you!
Catherine and John D.
Vancouver BC