Thursday, October 1, 2015


While exploring figurative work is fun and refreshing, it is also very challenging as I continue to try and find my voice in this genre. Mostly, I draw and paint 'figures' not 'people', so I have been leaving out the faces. I prefer the viewer to fill in the missing pieces so they can identify more with the work and not concentrate on the face of a particular person. Down the road I may tackle portraits. However, in this particular piece I blurred the face, but found it lacking. Because it was not so much abstracted, I felt it needed a face. I like it much better be the judge. small 20 x 10 acrylic. I call this 'Tapestry', because it reminds me of a little girl who is trying on her new tapping shoes for her Tap dancing lessons.

The challenge here was to create softness and keeping the brush strokes loose, difficult with acrylics but made a little easier by adding texture to the surface and lots of glazes. I'm curious to see what you think.

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