Friday, September 25, 2015

Painting the same image

While doing a demo for the Cochrane Art group , I decide to paint a painting similar to one I had done before. I understand this is a common practice for many instructors. It is easier to talk, and more relaxing to be able to explain techniques, choices, etc., when you are comfortable with your painting. However, in my demonstration with a palette knife and using gels, it is impossible for me to finish a painting in the allotted time. So I started a new canvas and went as far as I could, half completing the painting. It need several hours to dry, so like those cooking shows, I magically produced another similar half completed dry painting to continue with my demo.

The question posed to me was, 'Do you or clients have a problem with producing the same paintings over and over again?' Good question. First, with my technique none of my painting are ever identical. Second, when I have a commission based on a previous painting, which happens a lot, I explain that I will only use the original as an inspiration, not to copy. Thirdly, very often I will do a smaller study of the same scene and if I still feel the need to explore the subject I will paint a few, but in different sizes and orientation. And lastly as in my demo, since I was using the same size canvas I decide to make one warm and one cool.

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