Friday, January 14, 2011

Rush Behind

acrylic 20 x40 inches. Again, I really didn't like the original 'Rush' (right) so I decided to play. I like it much better now, although I still need to do some touch-ups. Hard to believe it was the same painting. I have one more bad painting I need to work on. I like to rework old or bad paintings because I have nothing to lose...I don't have to be timid, I can experiment and push myself.


Studio at the Farm said...

I like the 2nd "Rush" too. But must say, i like how you've painted the foreground tress in 1st one.

Linda Wilder Expressions said...

Thanks , but the forground trees are in the new painting. The painting with all the rocks is the older painting.

Virginia Floyd said...

Excellent! I really like how you added the trees. What a difference in interest!