Thursday, October 4, 2012

Demo Florals


I recently attended a Brian Ateyo workshop.He's a fabulous teacher and artist.My painting companions were wonderfully enthusiastic and hard working ( we painted well into the evening every day ). I painted several canvases ( none of which I'm satisfied with or are finished...will post later). One of my highlights was on my last day, after watching Brians demo, I attempting a floral. Both subject matter and technique were way out of my comfort zone. Brian asked if he could paint on it and show me. Absolutely! I replied. He basically painted over the whole canvas with maybe bits of my underpainting and textures showing through.We both signed it and now I have my own Brian Ateyo hanging on my wall. Thrilling!

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Susan Roux said...

It's a very striking painting! How cool is that? A painting duo!