Saturday, October 6, 2012

More From The Brians Workshop


Brian Ayteo's workshop was a very intense 5 days of painting. My 'roomies' and painting buddies were all keeners and we painted well into the late evening every night. The Whistler girls, Susie Chipolla,Andrea Moore,Doria Moodie,and Lianne Gulka along with my fellow Calgarian and veteran Janie Lockwood were tons of fun and very talented ladies.River Rock Studio was a wonderful artist retreat in the middle of the Rocky Mountain foothills surrounded by forest and rivers.

I tried to have an open mind as I explored different techniques and subject matter outside of my comfort zone. I had very few successes, and that was to be expected but I did pick up some very useful information and tips.I will share with you a few paintings but many of them still need work.

No one seemed to like my 'Kitties'.It was painted late a night after a couple of cool ones ( I normally don't work at night and I never drink and paint). I pretended I was different artist and had such fun! My husband didn't like it,nor did our son,so I hung the painting in our spare bedroom.  When our daughter came to stay she asked for it to be removed as it 'creeped her out'. "Its just not like you".Oh well,I like it!

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