Monday, November 25, 2013

Ode To Tom Thomson

acrylic 24 x 36

Tom Thomson has always been a huge favorite of mine and a big influence, as well as the group of seven. ( I still consider him part of that group). some people have compared a few of my paintings to the group of seven. ( obviously an over statement, but very flattering nonetheless. ) I particularly like his Northern River paintings. I had an old painting which needed fixing or painted over. I tried to fix it but I wasn't happy, so I decided to paint over it with Tom Thomson twist in mind and having some of the old paint showing through. I used his Northern River series as reference.

I've no idea what the legalities of this is or how ethical, but I don't consider it a copy. I do think it has more 'Wilder' written all over it, and nowhere near as good and elegant as his,but it was fun to do.

1 comment:

Dave Casey said...

No legalities to worry about, unless you sign his name to it and try to pass it off as one of his. And I think you did just fine capturing your "inner Thomson." :)