Thursday, April 10, 2014

Waterfall Studies

'Deep Within', 24 x 18

'Cascading Rhythm', 30 x 15

Sometimes, after working so hard towards a show, and the exhibition is over, I get in a little bit of a funk. I don't feel like painting, I have no motivation, and not knowing what direction I want to go in, I have tons of self doubt. Sometimes looking through my reference material helps. This time it didn't. But what did help was spending time looking at my favorite artists work, ( Tibor Nagy and Richard Schmid to name a few ) and reading a timely blog from Stacey Peterson .
 I decided to go to my studio and paint what I love best...yep, more waterfalls. They give me more freedom to explore without having to rely on a specific place. Without using any one reference ( I used several as jumping off points ), I concentrated on shapes and value. This time I wanted to try and have more of my brushed under painting show through, and less palette knife. I'm a much better frame of mind now.

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