Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whistler Paintings

What a wonderful time I had in Whistler. A very satisfying, exhausting but productive week. Many thanks to the staff at Mountain Galleries, Liz, Ben and Sharon who took very good care of me and put together an awesome reception. A special thank you to Wendy Wacko for driving all the way from Jasper just to deliver more of my work!

My husband and I love Whistler. From our hotel window we could see the pools, outdoor lounge, mini golf and the ski hills. Lounging in the pool as the snow skiers ski it. We are going back in September ( I'll be doing an artist demo ) and I plan on going zip lining!

Each time I do these demos, I gain a little more confidence and I'm becoming more comfortable painting and talking in front of people. I'm a fast painter normally but in these situations I tend to paint even faster. Two reasons I think. One, I know it's more enjoyable for the people to see the painting emerge quickly as they don't have the time to wait around. Two, during the beginning and 'ugly' stages of my work, I get a little nervous and want to assure  people that it really will look better, as I hurry it along. I managed 10 paintings during the week, usually one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I did a couple I was familiar with , but by the end of the week I was stepping out of my comfort zone and experiment a little. 4 x 18x36, 3 x 24x24, 2 x 36x24 and one 36x36

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