Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chestermere Art Demo

 I did a couple of demos for the Chestermere Fine Art Guild a few days ago. (  a great group of ladies! ). Because of my painting technique and the 'slow' drying time of my acrylics, I chose to bring two half completed pieces. I would begin from scratch and when I got to the point where I needed my painting to dry, I would whip out my half completed one to continue the process. I did the same for the second painting. I still needed the painting to dry so I finished up some details in my studio.

I enjoy doing demos and answering tons of questions. I don't do workshops. It's not my job to teach anyone how to paint...I'm not a teacher nor a great speaker, and I'm still learning myself. I can show my techniques, explain how I think and offer advice. I can't teach being intuitive, spontaneous and fearless....but I can show it.

Canvases sizes are 16 x 48 and 20 x 20 inches.


tellegrafix said...
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Sherry Telle said...

Thank you for the demo Linda, it was so inspiring! I think you underestimate your speaking ability, your demo was very informative and you were very warm and patient with all of our questions!

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the demo. 2 paintings in less than 2 hours!!! Amazing use of light and bold colours. You make it look so easy. Violette