Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gus and The Victoria Gallery Paint In

I'm back from Victoria and had a fabulously relaxing time. This is 'Gus', apparently a regular visitor to the hotels' 2nd floor lounge. He sits on the sill, tapping the window to get your attention. Of course the staff do not encourage feeding him but they will turn a blind eye. He kept us amused and I couldn't help giving him some bread.

It was also a pleasant t surprise to be in town the same time as the  TD Victoria Art Gallery had their annual paint-In. 35,000 visitors and over 180 artists lined Moss street.  Entertainment, food and tons of demos, it was a nice way to spend the day. A few of the artists I knew and/or recognized. Liza Riehl, Deborah Tilby and Nicholas Pearce to name a few.

It was also nice to visit some of my favorite galleries ( Avenue, Madrona, Red, and the West End ), and of course a Victoria visit is not complete without a trip to Fisherman's wharf for some Fish and chips!

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