Sunday, July 6, 2014

It's Not All About Selling

Starting day 3 of 10 at the Calgary Stampede (  that's not including the set up or Stir-Up), and I'm still standing. The days go by very quickly, and for me, it's not all about the selling, although that is certainly a bonus. The camaraderie, meeting fellow artists and mingling with the public is very exhilarating and you can feel the energy. Even if I don't sell anything else, I know down the road, the payoff will be huge. I have a great team in Mountain Galleries behind me, and it takes the pressure off myself to sell. I can enjoy talking about my work and allow people to watch me in action. I am also sharing a booth with the talented Loretta Kyle and her husband Randy, who are both very sweet and helpful. There is a lot of 'down time', where I can socialize, view art and get some painting done.

Here I am with artist Sheila Warren and fellow Stampede Studio artist Shannon Ford. My roomy Loretta and my workspace.

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