Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunwapta Rocks

I was trying to find a different angle to paint Sunwapta Falls ( near Jasper ). The problem was all the water to the left and running off the page. To stop your eye from leaving, I allowed the light from the falls to come back in the painting and hopefully the direction of the water flow will keep you in.

Funny how one little innocent comment can alter my momentum and give me pause. This comment was made about my study " I thought it was a waterfall for a second". No harm was meant but it really made me wonder. Do my waterfalls really look like snow instead of water? Now that ugly self doubt was creeping back in.

I decided, well, maybe this one and some others, do look like snow to some people and maybe I still need to work at it. It is my goal to always improve and get better. I gave my 'snow' more attention in the larger version, but found myself getting too tight. So for now, I'll let the viewer decide and keep plugging away. 'Sunwapta Rocks', acrylic 24 x 36 and 'Sunwapta Rocks Study', 9 x 12.

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