Friday, February 27, 2015

Mountain Spectrum

I really like how this came together. A little softer. I mixed up a ton of various greys adding heavy gel yesterday. I had so much left over that I ended up starting 5 canvases! Applying the heavy gel with a palette knife, quite loosely and without any clear concept, other than a waterfall or a mountain, I let them dry over night. the next morning I pick one, and decide what and how I'm going to proceed. I love the creativity and freedom with this method. At this stage they are very abstract. Sometimes I use one or two images of older paintings as a reference starting point, but the painting enviably tells me what to do. 'Mountain Spectrum, 20 x 20, above, is one of these.I will show you more tomorrow.

The one below is a 'finished unfinished' painting from a few weeks ago. 'Mountain High' 18 x 24

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