Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Like It much Better Now


This painting had been on my studio wall for weeks. I made a few delivery trips to the gallery and always held this one back. Something about it was bothering me, I wasn't sure what, but I knew I wanted it off my wall. Although I had wanted to simplify the was boring, dark and dull. I also thought the red was too red. So I needed to spice up the water without changing my focus, tone my red and lighten my shadows. I like it much better now. Acrylic 20 x 28

This next painting, many of you will disagree with me. Although there was nothing really wrong with it, I found it lifeless. It was too representational, boring and grey. No excitement. I reached out for a second opinion from my gallery owner/friend Wendy Wacko, and after some thought, she came up with a couple of recommendations. She pointed out that my back, middle and foreground all carried the same weight. She suggested I simplify the heck out of the foreground, use my imagination and make the mountain the star. Good advice. I ditched the photo and brought out my palette knife and dived right in...I had nothing to lose. Good bye to the trees. It was actually quite satisfying making up cliffs and edges. More mystery. I like it much better now. Acrylic, large 48 x 72. Not the best photo...must see in person.

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