Monday, April 20, 2015

Time To Loosen Up.

I'm working on a series of paintings that I absolutely love to do. Be it waterfalls or mountains, I never know what will unfold in these small semi abstract paintings. Most of the time I won't use any reference or maybe a favorite painting to jump off from. Lots of gel, texture and glazing. I initially mixed a ton of various warm and cool greys with gel. I had so much that I ended up starting five paintings! ( can't waste all that premixing ). This is about as structured as I get, I do not have a set formula or method of painting. So I lay down the paint with a palette knife, sometimes with no idea in mind and sometimes with a vague one. I wait until the next day before I can continue. I will add more palette knife work, scumbling with brush or rag, and glaze, in no particular order, and see what emerges. Sometimes I will repeat this several times, sometimes the painting is done within minutes. Painting this was allows me the freedom to work within  the 'zone', not worrying about being realistic, deadlines or any other stressful very satisfying.

Above is  one I completed this morning. acrylic 9 x 12. I did use a reference for this one.

By the way, one of my other 'abstracted' works, I just found out, made it into the top 15% in the Monthly Boldbrush contest. 'Cascading Abstraction', 12 x 12. see below.

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