Monday, October 31, 2011

My First Art Purchase

'Yesterdays News' , 5 x 5 oil, by Donna MacDonald

I made my first real art purchase a while back and I can't stop looking at it. Donna is a very talented local artist, and when she brought this little gem into one of our Federation Of Canadian Artists meetings, I immediately knew I had to have it! I had a painting given to me for a wedding present and traded for another ( Sharon Williams ) but this is the first time I actually dished out some money for a painting and I think I have opened a can on worms ...'cause I want more! I'm really tired of having my own work on my walls only to take them down to be delivered , and then having to stare at blank walls for a few weeks, or months. I really have to start saving my pennies and sell more work so I can collect some beautiful paintings!

Another reason I can't stop looking at this piece is the luscious buttery feel to the oils. I paint in acrylics and find it very hard to achieve the same effects. I recently took a one day figurative workshop with Ingrid Christensen who's work I adore! It was put on by my FCA group so the supplies were included. It was a perfect opportunity to try oils. I learned so much, only to realize how much more about oils I need to learn. I did a lot of fumbling and found I couldn't treat them the same way as acrylics. We painted two poses from a live model, but I'll only show one ( the other will need a lot more work...when I go out and buy some oils). I think oils might be in my future!

'Susan',oil, 11 x 14


David Larson Evans said...

You have very good taste.

Jane said...

Both very beautiful! Love your use of bold colors.

Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Linda - thanks so much for your endorsement of my work - really appreciate it! I know what you mean about not having anything on your walls after you send all of your paintings out. Sometimes I feel a bit like the story of the shoemaker who's family has no shoes lol :) Great oil painting - oils definitely look like they are in your future. They are so much fun!

Alice said...

I think oils SHOULD be in your future!

Pattie Wall said...

I can see why you bought this one. I, too, would like to collect more art, other than my own...getting ready to do the seasonal shuffle - some go out to the pile in the studio, some come into the house for the walls. Love your long canvas horse group a few posts back.