Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Show In Banff

I had a wonderful time in Banff for the opening of my show.We made it a mini holiday and enjoyed the time with my husband, our children and some close friends. I managed to create about 28 paintings for the show but a few were sold before the opening. I did manage to sell 9 total. It was a great experience but I was a little nervous during the local TV interview ( a glass of wine or two had a nice calming effect). Many thanks to all my guests for their support and a special thanks to Wendy Wacko, Aimee, Adrienne and John, the crew from Mountain Galleries, who did such a wonderful job putting together my show. I'm including a few photos from the beginning of the afternoon.

During my TV interview

I was thrilled when these clients bought 2 of my paintings!
My husband, daughter and friends

Myself, Adrienne and Aimee from Mountain Galleries.

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